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Waterfront Ink is the perfect choice for home, office or school stationery supplies. We stock and sell world-class quality products, including famous international brands such as Pritt, Bostik, Penflex and Staedler. We are the best one-stop-shop for restocking your office, school or home stationery cupboard.

Aside from supplying stationery to fit almost every need, Waterfront Ink also stocks both genuine and generic printer cartridges for brands such as Brother, Oki, Epson and Canon. We also stock and sell a variety of printing paper sizes ranging from A3 to A6, from respected brands like Smart Copy and Rotatrim.

Our well-appointed and stocked store is owned and managed by the dynamic Janine der Kinderen, who strives to provide her customers with superior quality products at affordable prices. What sets Waterfront Ink apart from our competitors, is the fact that we offer customers a FREE delivery services across the Western Cape! Customers can expect exceptional customer service from us, as our staff are friendly, helpful and highly knowledgeable about both home and office stationery and can provide professional advice on each product we stock.


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    Our products

    We provide a huge range of products and services, including the following:

    • Stationery: Our stationery products offer solutions for home, office and school needs.
    • Printing Paper: We stock the highest quality paper from leading national and international brands.
    • Printer Cartridges: Our products include both authentic and generic printer ink cartridges.
    • Reliable and efficient free delivery across the Western Cape.

    To meet all your stationery needs, visit our website, contact us directly or come into the Waterfront Ink store today!

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