Your one stop, omnichannel payment solutions partner

Ecentric Payment Systems offers the technical expertise you need to take control of payment processing and reconciliation in your business. As your one-stop provider for omnichannel payments, we can ensure efficient systems to provide a convenient payment process for merchants and consumers. Further to this, we guarantee absolute protection of all your financial data through our PCI DSS compliance.

Our solutions

Payment Switching: By integrating switching, you can easily link all customer channels into relevant issuers and acquirers for efficient and accurate payment processing for in-store and online transactions.

ReconAssist: Our reconciliation software streamlines the payment settlements by eliminating manual errors. Our omnichannel reconciliation provides a clear view of your financial landscape to easily identify and resolve differences.

Money Transfers: Our counter-to-counter money transfer service is tailored specifically for retail environments to provides merchants with easy access to VAS for their business. This service also has flexible configuration options to meet specific retailer needs.

Online Payments: We assist all sized businesses in establishing safe online payment gateways compliant with regulatory requirements. By implementing online payment options, your business can secure sales on a 24/7 basis.

OmniHub: Our OmniHub platform provides access to multiple digital service providers through a single integration. With this, merchants have easy access to various value-added services to improve their customer appeal.

Why choose Ecentric Payment Systems?

Ecentric offers a reliable payment processing service to South African retailers. With uninterrupted switching services, we help merchants maintain necessary communication with all customer channels to execute effective payments in-store or online. If you are interested in our payment systems, get in touch with our team today.

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